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Ice for Coolers, Freezers & Parties in Ventura, CA

General Info

Q. Do you sell ice at your office?
Yes. At Conaway Ice Co, you can either have us deliver your ice to you or come to our location on Donlon Street in Ventura, CA and pick it up yourself.

Q. Do you accept credit cards?
For your convenience, we accept all credit cards including American Express and Discover.

Q. Do you make your ice?
Conaway Ice Co is an ice distributor, meaning we get our ice from other sources and make it available to you.

Q. Do you sell ice to the public?
YES! Conaway Ice Company will sell and deliver our products to anyone near the area. Call us today for more details.

Bagged, Block & Dry Ice

Q. How big is a 10 lb. block? A 20 lb. bag? A 40 lb. bag?
A 10 pound block is about the size of a shoebox and can easily be carried by one person. A 20 pound bag is about the size of a medium bed pillow, whereas a 40 pound bag is about twice the size of a 20 pound bag.

Q. Do you carry “premium ice”?
YES. Purified ice, or premium ice, is known for its high quality taste. Conaway Ice Co sells premium ice in a variety of different quantities.

Q. Do you carry “pea ice”?”
YES. Pea ice is used in deli and seafood displays. Call today!

Q. How much dry ice is needed to ship frozen items?
Generally speaking, you will need around 5 pounds of dry ice per box per day. However, this may vary depending on circumstances. Call us today to speak to an expert.

Q. How much ice will fit in the largest Costco cooler?
A Costco cooler will hold around 4×40 pound bags of ice (8×20 pound bags).

Q. How much ice is needed for my party?
Usually around 2-3 lbs per person. However, depending on the type of party this may change. Check out our party ice estimate page.

Event Boxes

Q. What is an “Event Box” ?
It is a large pallet sized ice chest that we fill we 800 lbs of Ice (40-20lb. Bags). Then put in dry ice, the ice says frozen for 2 to 3 days. Because the Dry Ice is in the Event Box, it does Not need power, or gas you just need to close the lid. The Event Box are perfect for Events like Festivals, Fair, Carnivals, Large Picnics/BBQs, Large Weddings. Or anytime you need a large amount of ice and somewhere to store it.

Q. Where can you put an “Event Box” ?
The Event box can go anywhere a pallet jack can go. The entrance needs to be at least 4.5 feet wide. It needs to be placed on hard ground, asphalt, concrete or something like that. The Event Box cannot go upstairs, on grass, on sand, gravel, or any unpaved service.

Q. Do dry ice bins need to be powered in?
No. One of the advantages of dry ice bins is that they do not need electricity. Call us today to learn more!

Q. How much ice fits in a bin?
Our bins hold up to 800 lbs of ice.

Q. How much does it cost to rent a bin?
Call us for pricing details for renting dry ice.

Ice Sculptures & Luges

Q. Do you make ice sculptures?
Conaway Ice sells large blocks to design ice sculptures. While we do not personally carve the sculptures for you, we can refer you to artists who can.

Q. Can you make luges?
Yes! Conaway Ice Co can make luges from our premium ice blocks. Call us today!


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