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Conaway Ice Co makes it easy for you to keep food and drinks cool when the temperatures start to rise. We sell ice in different sizes of bags and blocks, based on your needs, in addition to dry ice. To save you money, all products are affordably priced.

Why Our Ice?

Why our ice? We think our ice is ideal for you because of the process that goes into creating it. Our technique includes filtering the water to remove impurities and also exposing it to UV light to kill bacteria, providing you with the freshest ice possible.

About Us

Save time and effort on your ice needs with products and delivery service from our dealers in Ventura, California. Conaway Ice Co has served the Ventura /Santa Barbara Counties since 1964.

You can count on us to have the ice products you need during heat waves, power outages, disasters, or just day-to-day business. Our customers include major grocery chains, club stores, convenient stores, local markets, hospitals, campgrounds, and food processors.

The same service we provide to individual and commercial customers is offered to organizers of special events like the California Strawberry Festival, The Ventura Fair, or intimate events like weddings and company picnics.


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Conaway Ice Co
1705 Donlon St, Ventura, CA 93003

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